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Security Labels

Security Labels

We can supply security labels in all sizes and styles to meet your requirements both on reels and or sheets.
Security labels are ideal for discouraging people from tampering with high value products and seals such as document seals, hard drive seals and DVD Disc seals etc. We can provide a variety of security label styles including:

Void Labels

Void labels are designed to give a clear indication of when a label has been removed and are ideal for electronic and retail goods in packaging. They are also suitable for asset management including property marking with ownership details and can be supplied with barcodes and sequential numbers.

Tamper Evident Destructible Labels

Tamper evident destructible labels are designed to disintegrate when an attempt is made to peel them off making them almost impossible to remove quickly without leaving a trace.

Further Information

If you would like further information on the types of security labels we can supply then please feel free to contact us.


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